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Whatever valuation task you're faced with - commercial real estate, corporate bonds or intangible assets - we have the expertise necessary to deliver. We are experts in valuing complex securities, intangibles, and other assets without fail. We have a long history of success in valuing both public and private companies. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and then use our knowledge and skills to provide an accurate and unbiased evaluation.

At Maca, we are committed to our team and our clients. Our service starts with creating personal connections with the clients to develop a rapport and nurture an understanding of their needs. We continually reflect on how we can do better work in every aspect of our jobs, and we strive to be the best at what we do. We understand that it takes a team effort to provide the best possible service, and that is why we focus on fostering a supportive environment where team members work together to achieve common goals. We believe that this approach results in better customer service experiences, which is why we are dedicated to providing the best possible services to our clients.

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Our Team

At Risk Advisors, we have a team of professionals with unique skill sets to help our clients assess and manage risk. We have valuation experts, business consultants, risk specialists, and merger advisors who can help you assess your current risk level and recommend strategies to manage it.


Our team understands the nuances of different industries and can provide objective advice that will help you succeed in today's competitive environment.

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Industry Leader

We are a company that has been in the business of providing valuation services to companies and banks for over two decades now. Our team of experts has been trained specifically to work with banks and has a strong track record in handling valuations for them. We are also among the top companies in India and abroad when it comes to being approved by banks, which gives us an edge when it comes to working with them. Additionally, we have completed over 200 valuations, which gives us an excellent track record in the market. 

Individual and team strengths can synergize to accelerate performance and productivity, as well as improve individual outcomes. By aligning individuals’ goals with that of the firm, individuals will be better off in both their personal and professional endeavors. As a team we work towards achieving objectives and create a structure where everyone is successful where they work. This is done by understanding each individual’s strengths and putting them to use in the most efficient way possible. When everyone is successful, the entire team benefits.

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International Valuation Standards

Valuation reports are a necessary part of any business transaction. They provide an accurate snapshot of the company's value and can be used by buyers and sellers in negotiations. Our valuation reports are compliant with local and international standards, so they're reliable and trustworthy. Our government-registered valuation expert reviews every report before it's released to ensure accuracy and compliance with all applicable standards.


Maca operates with high ethical standards, supporting client confidence and maintaining an impartial view. To ensure the quality of Maca partnerships, every engagement must uphold these principles as its foundations. These principles include being transparent, honest, and reliable. This way, clients can have total confidence in the product they are using and the company behind it. Maca is committed to providing world-class customer service, always working to exceed expectations.

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Market Leading Professionals

Valuing professionals with market-leading designations and advanced degrees, and in key areas of expertise, are pursuing sophisticated studies, databases, and valuation models that are used throughout the industry. This is why they are highly sought after by others in their professional fields.


Each Valuer has demonstrated valuing works for different segments, which gives them the skills to carry out complex valuation assignments. Furthermore, each Valuer has registered with IBBI, which demonstrates their commitment to quality work.

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Infinite Market Knowledge

At Maca, we understand that sound valuations hinge on more than just properly capitalizing tables. We use our experience and expertise to study the market and behavior of customers in order to provide sound valuations for our assets.


Our work spans six continents and more than 80 countries, including some of the largest and most complex valuation engagements in the world. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a comprehensive valuation solution that meets their needs and expectations.

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